The Zen of Donkeys

During my yoga class this morning, as I lay in Shivasana pose, attempting to rid my mind of pesky thoughts, an image of the donkeys moved into view.  They were standing in the winter sun, as they often do, with their thick winter coats ‘fluffed up’ (How do they do that?  When a bare hand is held lightly on the coat, the heat that it traps tickles the skin.).  At that instant I became aware of a palpable feeling of relaxation: it was the stillness of the donkeys that was serving to soothe.

No matter the season, donkeys pass a significant amount of time each day just standing still.  I used to wonder what they might be thinking during those times but, then, after I started to practice yoga my impression changed.  I have concluded that, like yogic stillness, it is for them, as it should be for us, about be-ing.  Breathing in and breathing out.  Living in the now.  That is the gift of life.


One thought on “The Zen of Donkeys”

  1. Sandra, Wow. What a coincidence. We spent the day at school remembering the earthquake in Haiti and is was a sort of sad day…although the kids learned a ton!! Before I sneak off to MY yoga class (thus the coincidence) I thought I would check your blog. I wanted to thank you for providing me with something upon which to meditate at the end of class when I, too, will find myself in the Shivasana pose! Also….went to the MANGO CHUTNEY on the way home for a special treat of samosas for the family! Look at all of the goodness you have shared with me this week! Thanks!

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