Farewell, Anapke

We will remember Anapke.  She was the helpless donkey thrown out to parasail over a beach in Russia last Fall.  Her brays of fear were heard around the world.

Literally, thousands of voices rose up in complaint wherever this stunt became known.  For our part we, and many others, sent letters of concern to the Russian Embassy in Ottawa.  No responses were received; apparently the Ambassador and his staff did not deem the matter important enough to address.

As a result of the outcry Anapke was sent subseqently to a farm where, we were told, she lived in comfort.  No photos of her were available and earlier this week a press release informed the world that the little donkey had died as a result of heart trouble.

After death, we often say that a person or animal is ‘in a better place.’  For Anapke this is very true.  No creature or person should ever have to endure the mindless cruelty that caused her to suffer so much. Wherever you are now, Anapke, may you receive always the gentle touch that you deserve.

Sandra Pady, Executive Director

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