AND CHICLET TOO -These days are very sad

It is almost too much to have to describe another loss in the DSC family.  Chiclet, who for years was a faithful companion to Paco, is dead now as well. 

 Chiclet was only 11 years old but throughout his life he suffered from the after effects of a first year of life that was marked by woeful neglect.  In those early months minimal and inept hoof care had sparked the earliest stages of laminitis in his feet.  Over the years, the condition became chronic, and he lived with some constant pain.  In February, our veterinarians recommended surgery to alleviate the pain in his hind legs. The surgery itself went well, but Chiclet developed serious complications following the procedure.  In his weakened condition, he developed hyperlipaemia and endotoxemia, which caused a severe laminitic episode.  The resulting structural damage to his hooves was so extreme, the humane decision was reached that he should be euthanized.

David McAleese, a grade 2 teacher whose class sponsored Paco and Chiclet, has sent us this poem that expresses so well  the gift of these little donkeys’ lives. 

Gentle Friend, Chiclet

Gentle Friend at daybreak,
With coat of shining white,
Welcoming the morning warmth,
Little Paco in your sight.

Gentle Friend at noontime,
With the sun high in the sky,
Playful with the happy guests;
Patient Paco close nearby.

But Gentle Friend, as night fell,
And dark replaced the day,
Alone you stood, a sad time,
Little Paco’s called away.

But now gentle friends, companions,
Share that gentle, last good night.
Reunited, now and always,
In meadows forever bright.

Rest In Peace, little ones.

 Sandra Pady

One thought on “AND CHICLET TOO -These days are very sad”

  1. Dear Sandra
    I am so sorry to hear of Chiclet’s death. I hope this is not too much for you. It is you who has that special place for the donkeys. I am really sad to hear of this death.

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