On Sunday last, Sanctuary volunteers and staff bade a communal farewell to our many animal friends who have died in recent years.

We gathered at the base of Memorial Hill on a damp and grey winter afternoon. Fortunately, David had built a crackling fire and its energy warmed us during the service.  A reading, prayers, offerings and beautiful song  encouraged us to cherish our memories of animals who have touched our hearts.  Paco, Chiclet, Dusty Rose, Riley, Peaches, Sienna………just a few names from a list that is very long. We marveled each in our own way at the impact that these gentle creatures had  made upon our lives. 

We are grateful for all that we received from these special companions and we will carry them in our memory even as we reach out to others in need.  The circle of life and death is an ever-turning wheel.


One thought on “CLOSING THE CIRCLE”

  1. The ceremony was lovely. Thanks for the work that went into organizing it. It is important to recognize the impact that animals have on our lives. Many of us urbanites don’t get the chance to experience animals on a farm. The donkeys, mules, goats, sheep and cats that call the DSC home are a special group. Glad that Peter and I have had the opportunity to share some time with them.

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