Through a Child’s Eyes

We have been quite overwhelmed by the expressions of sympathy that have come into the office from supporters who had been charmed by Paco and Chiclet over the years.  These two little donkeys touched many, many hearts.

Yesterday, there arrived in the mail a drawing done by Emma Douglas, a seven year old fan of the donkeys.  Emma has visited the Sanctuary many times and she was particularly fond of Chiclet and his pal.  She drew a picture of them for us, facing one another and obviously in communication.  It is a charming drawing, one that manages to convey the innocence both of the viewer and of the subjects.

We intend to hang the drawing in our Welcome Center for everyone to enjoy.  When visitors see it, we know that they will smile, as we did, to see the happiness that is waiting for all of us whenever we take the time to look mindfully at the natural world.  Thank you, Emma.

Sandra Pady, Exec. Direc.


One thought on “Through a Child’s Eyes”

  1. It is very heartwarming to see the effect that the Sanctuary has on children. We live in a country/world where too few people understand the importance of treating non-human animals with respect and dignity. Growing up knowing and loving animals will help make ours a better world. I look forward to seeing Emma’s painting. Meanwhile on my desk there is a photo that I took of Paco, and I have framed it and I look at it every day and it brings me joy. Even in death, little Paco brings me joy.

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