Make Animals Matter!


On May 2nd, we will elect a new government. Now is the time to ask politicians what they will do to protect animals in Canada. The candidates are listening and the animals need you to speak on their behalf. Now is the time to demand that politicians update our old animal cruelty laws and take the necessary steps to better protect all animals.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA Canada) has streamlined the contact process.  When you go to their website you can find political party responses to WSPA’s recent survey.  Which party (s) care about animals?

As well, from the WSPA site you can contact your MP candidates and your local paper with letters that are easy to personalize.  We need to speak for our animal friends.  Please take a moment and write a letter.  Make animals matter. Go to  and and follow the links.

Sandra Pady Exec Direc.

2 thoughts on “Make Animals Matter!”

  1. I am voting Green in this election, though both the Liberal and NDP candidates in my riding are very ethical with regards to animals, and if they lead their respective parties, it would be a good thing. (Why do parties not choose their strongest candidates as leaders – it’s beyond me).

    My Liberal candidate is Gerard Kennedy, and my NDP candidate is Peggy Nash.

    However, I am voting Green because they need my support, and animals need a Green voice in the House of Commons.

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