Donkey Day Week – Always filled with the unexpected

We have a saying around here, “Never a dull moment at the DSC!” and Donkey Day week is always especially full of surprises.

Last night we had an extra-ordinarily powerful storm that raged for 2 hours.  Ongoing lightning provided quite a show and the wind – and hale- blasted around the farm.  The gate to the barnyard blew open some time in the night and so several donkeys enjoyed a walkabout.  Whenever this happens, they go around the house, into the parking lot and then over to a garden bed, where they stand and wait. We think they like it here.

On top of that, a 60′ beech tree was completely uprooted and, miraculously, fell over on the lawn at the back of the house.  5 of us worked for 4 hours to remove it, and we were able to do so thanks to our Bobcat AND a mighty chainsaw that had been donated after an appeal on our website wish list.  We have the most helpful, thoughtful contributors.

It’s only Wednesday but things are accelerating for Donkey Day once again.  It will be our 18th.  The tent is up, the rental tables and chairs have arrived and we are scurrying around checking things off the lists.  Ruth Gillespie, the DD Coordinator is doing a bang up job and she has assembled quite a roster of events and entertainment.  So, we do hope that you will join us.  The donkeys are looking their summer best and of course they will be the stars.  See you then, we hope:  Sunday, June 12th, 11am-4pm.

Sandra Pady, Executive Director

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