For fifteen consecutive years I coordinated Donkey Day and so it is from that experience that I can say, “This year’s event was the very best celebration of the animals and their world.”

The donkeys were the stars, of course.  There is nothing so pleasing as the sight of a child, whose jaw is dropped in awe, staring into a donkey’s big brown eyes.  The intensity of them both, human and equine, is palpable for an instant.  Each is really looking, absorbing, and in the moment.

Ruth Gillespie, the Donkey Day Coordinator this year, worked steadily for the past twelve months and she put together an outstanding, well-organized event  that ran more smoothly than ever before.  Thanks to you, Ruth, our special day was so much more so.

Two days have passed since our Donkey Day 2011 and  as we work around the Farm, tying up the various loose ends left by such a whirlwind event – attended by 2000 people –  I think we have every reason to be proud. When individuals  like our wonderful volunteers and dedicated staff share a passion, great things are  the result. 

 We want everyone to care like we do about the other creatures with whom we share this earth.   To paraphrase Margaret Mead, who said a small group of people couldn’t change the world?  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Sandra Pady, Executive Director

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