The DSC’s Exceptional Staff

We are having a Staff Barbecue tonight and,  as I have been going through the preparations,  our wonderfully dedicated staff members are much on my mind. 

 As most of you know, the DSC is a small organization, trying to make a difference one person at a time, one donkey at a time.  I am pleased to be able to write that in any one year we manage to accomplish alot, especially given our size,  and an essential factor in these achievements stems from the very real committment of our 5 full time and 4 part time staff.  Each person works very long hours, multi-tasking all the while.  At the same time, their enormous respect and compassion for the donkeys and mules – indeed, for all animals – supports creative work patterns and  everyday efforts to do extraordinary things with the funds that are available.  

 And, too, it should be said that we laugh alot.  Mixed in with all of this exceptional effort is a positive outlook, one that recognizes that small can be very beautiful.  We are making a difference.

  If you are a supporter of the DSC I want you to know that you are contributing to an organization whose  dedicated staff  do the best that they can, every day of the week.    For my part, I am priviledged to work with them.

Sandra Pady, Executive Director


One thought on “The DSC’s Exceptional Staff”

  1. Dear Sandra,

    At your BBQ tonight please pass along my best wishes to all your staff. I am amazed at the wonderful job that they do – it can’t be easy – but they make it look easy. Their love and concern for the animals is very obvious to anyone who visits. And I also want to say that they make the visitor feel very welcome, even someone like me who shows up pretty much every Sunday, I’m always greeted with a huge smile by every staff member and all the volunteers alike. If I have a question, it’s always answered thoughtfully and knowledgeably. If I want to see a particular donkey, I’ll get help in that regard as well. I’m always made to feel special when I visit. What a delight!

    Yes the donkeys are wonderful and the scenery is gorgeous but it’s DSC staff who make the DSC the haven that it is for so many people, including me.

    I hope you have a wonderful time tonight!

    Take care,
    Bonnie Shulman (Toronto)

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