A Matter of Choice

As I have written before, one important condition that should be present in an animal’s environment is the matter of choice.  Creatures know their own minds to a much greater degree than we realize generally and they should have the option at all times to remove themselves from situations that are stressful or painful.

Here at the Sanctuary, we have made a recent addition to the donkeys’ environment, particularly those who are in the barnyard along with our visitors.  Now there are two areas, aside from any closed paddocks that are already in use, where the donkeys can go to eat and to rest.  Only those donkeys that enjoy to mingle with people are ever in the barnyard on Open Days and it is those donkeys who need places where they can go in order to be apart from human enthusiasm.

 It has been interesting to watch the flow back and forth to the Donkeys Only areas on this Open Day as the donkeys have combined time with the visitors with time on their own.


2 thoughts on “A Matter of Choice”

  1. As always this post shows that your Sanctuary always put the donkeys’ needs first which is how it should be.. While the Sanctuary is also important as a place of education on everything donkey the residents’ wellbeing and quality of life is paramount. I am sure, like me, that most of your visitors would accept less donkeys in the barnyard while knowing that they had a choice to stay or seek rest and relaxation on a whim.

    As a frequent visitor, I feel that even the most people loving donkeys need a place to have relaxation and contemplation (donkey thoughts) away from their mass of admirers at any given time….so this new arrangement sounds great..
    To let the residents pick and choose their “meet and greets” shows once again the love and thought that goes into their care.

    A favourite place to be: The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada!

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