Around the Sanctuary Farm there is generally an atmosphere of calm and peacefulness upon which visitors comment frequently.  It is just one of the dimensions of the animals’ world.  For the next little while, however, things will be very different.

Yesterday morning, bright and early, heavy machinery was brought in to be used to complete the first phase of our Donkey House and Drainage Project.  Literally thousands of tons of earth and gravel will be added or moved around in coming days in order that our severe drainage problems can become a worry of the past.  After that, the actual construction of the building will take place. 

Now, this is all very exciting and it has been much anticipated.  Nevertheless, I am finding that the noise from the machinery itself is truly shocking.  To step outside right now is to feel viscerally the vibrations from the sound waves generated by the earth movers.  One cannot imagine what it must be like for the donkeys whose ears are a thousand times more sensitive than those of us humans.

Oh well, the day will arrive soon enough when we can stand with the donkeys in their new light-filled, airy home – one where peace and quiet will pervade once again.  This is not the first time that I have been reminded that human creations are a mixed blessing.

Sandra Pady, Executive Director

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