The Awful Shooting of Burros in Texas

The link above to an article in a San Antonia paper describes in detail the awful fate of wild burros in Big Bend Ranch State Park near Presedio, Texas.  Once again, authorities are taking the most expeditious route when faced with an animal populations issue.  Burros have been a part of the American landscape for over 400 years.  Surely, the term ‘feral’ is no longer a revalent classification.  Additionally, the Auodad sheep that are supposedly under threat, and who are the targets of big-game hunting, live in the higher areas of the Park.  They do not compete with the burros for grazing.  Is this about the burros, or is it about the power and impress of hunters who are looking for trophy sheep?

We encourage Americans to sign the on line petition sponsored by the Wild Burro Protection League.  Please add send your objections to this slaughter  d through a Letter to the Editor and another to the Texas Wildlife and Parks Department will join the thousands of others who are against this heinous practice.

Sandra Pady, Exec. Direc.

One thought on “The Awful Shooting of Burros in Texas”

  1. This breaks my heart. Everywhere we see that there are people for whom animals are merely objectionable items that are to be removed by whatever means possible.

    Clearly what needs to happen is a full-scale change of mind by the human race.

    I believe that animal sanctuaries teach love and compassion for animals and that’s why I support the DSC and many other sanctuaries. I think sanctuaries change human lives as much as they do animal lives.

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