Christmas Open Days at the DSC

The calendar page turns at midnight and, suddenly, Christmas is before us.

Here at the DSC we love the Season: donkeys and Chrsitmas do go together, don’t they?  We hope that you will schedule a bit of donkey time in the midst of your efforts to get everything done in time for the 25th.  As well, in a visit you would get to see our beautiful new Donkey House which is under construction.  We are very excited about that, too!

Sunday, December 4, 11 and 18, and Wednesday, December 21st.  Between 10 and 4 each day.  We hope you can drop by for a sip of apple cider and alot of donkey hugs.

Sandra Pady, Exec. Direc.


On Second Thought

It’s been a few hours, now, since I watched the movie, “Buck”, and I have come to respect even more the work that he is doing.  It’s all about the humane treatment of the other creatures on this earth and, in his way, Buck Brannaman is a hero.  He drive thousands of miles a year, gives countless workshops, and works to impress and teach, one ranch at a time, one person at a time.  Thank you, Buck.

Sandra Pady, Exec. Direc.

BUCK – A Very Good Film

Several of us on the DSC staff attended a showing recently of “Buck”.  It was  helpful and educational.

Known for his assured skill with horses and his mastery of storytelling, Buck Brannaman is a philosopher cowboy and the inspiration for the book, and movie, The Horse Whisperer.  A graduate of life’s school of hard knocks, Buck calmly dispenses wisdom he has earned over the years and watching him work with unruly horses and humans makes for an inspiring and entertaining experience.

Sandra Pady, Exec. Direc.


The building permit for the new DSC Donkey House has been issued.  There are smiles all around the Sanctuary today – even the donkeys were frolicing in the fields a few minutes ago!

Our builder says that the footings will be in by next Thursday and then construction will begin a few days thereafter.  We will keep you posted.

Sandra Pady, Executive Director


A Collective Wish

Whatever you do to make things come true, please do it for the DSC this week. We have been waiting, waiting, waiting for the final permit for our Donkey House.  The wheels of government offices can roll slowly, can’t they?

If we all close our eyes and think positive thoughts, the message will flow to the desk whereon lies our information.  All together now…….

Sandra Pady, Executive Director

DSC at The Royal

DSC staff and volunteers are going to The Royal!  This Fair, the largest of its kind in Canada, is held in Toronto early in November each year. Tens of thousands of people attend the event which is a celebration of our agricultural heritage and the animals that play such an important role in it.

On November 10 and 11, we will be part of the Spirit of the Horse, a special area at The Royal where two of our donkeys, Bob Ray and Trooper, will parade around the ring several times each day.  There will be lots of opportunity for the visitors to meet and greet the donkeys, and our staff and volunteers will be on hand to describe the work of the DSC and the donkeys and mules to whom we have given a lifelong home.

If you are in or near Toronto on one of those days, do come and join the celebration! 

Sandra Pady, Exec. Direc.

Farewell to Poppy-DSC ambassador extraordinaire

Poppy, a little grey-brown Miniature donkey, was a very special part of the DSC and her recent death has made us very sad.

Born in 1988, Poppy was brought to the Sanctuary from Quebec, along with her mother, Pansy, in 1995.  Both donkeys were closely bonded and always very relaxed about going around in our trailer.  Over the years they travelled to many places on behalf of the DSC: to various Palm Sunday services, to street Fairs, as a part of Santa Claus parades and even to Toronto one afternoon in order to visit with a Sanctuary contributor who was ill with cancer.

As I said, Poppy and Pansy were inseparable…….until Sable, another Miniature donkey, arrived three years ago.  Since then, two have been three and they made a tidy little group. 

Well, life and death go very much in a circle here at the DSC.  It was Poppy’s turn to leave us (after an attack of colic) and, although we miss her very much, we are so glad that Sable is there for Pansy as life moves inexorably on.

Sandra Pady, Executive Director