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Farewell to Poppy-DSC ambassador extraordinaire

November 2, 2011

Poppy, a little grey-brown Miniature donkey, was a very special part of the DSC and her recent death has made us very sad.

Born in 1988, Poppy was brought to the Sanctuary from Quebec, along with her mother, Pansy, in 1995.  Both donkeys were closely bonded and always very relaxed about going around in our trailer.  Over the years they travelled to many places on behalf of the DSC: to various Palm Sunday services, to street Fairs, as a part of Santa Claus parades and even to Toronto one afternoon in order to visit with a Sanctuary contributor who was ill with cancer.

As I said, Poppy and Pansy were inseparable…….until Sable, another Miniature donkey, arrived three years ago.  Since then, two have been three and they made a tidy little group. 

Well, life and death go very much in a circle here at the DSC.  It was Poppy’s turn to leave us (after an attack of colic) and, although we miss her very much, we are so glad that Sable is there for Pansy as life moves inexorably on.

Sandra Pady, Executive Director

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  1. Judith-Anne Kolu permalink
    November 2, 2011 4:44 pm

    Goodbye sweet Poppy, so sorry to see you go…

    I was there on Wed last week and noticed she was missing…Pansy and Poppy had a little kickfest but all was well as suddenly as it began. I love all the donkeys whatever size but being vertically challenged myself Pansy and Poppy gave me confidence to roam amongst them when I arrived on my first day at the Sanctuary quite a few years ago. I also remembered the A in Pansy as representing Adult to differentiate between Mother and Daughter. I too am glad that Sable and Pansy are together as the three of them were bonded, hoping it will comfort them in their time of loss – having each other.

    Once again, knowing that everything was done that could be done, and the love all of you had for Poppy eases the pain of her passing. Rest in peace dear Poppy…you will be missed.

  2. November 2, 2011 5:12 pm

    It’s so sad to hear about Poppy. I met her when I came to visit in late spring, and she was very sweet.

  3. November 2, 2011 7:26 pm

    I am devastated. I loved Poppy. This news has caught me off guard. Must go home and cry for her. Sweet little soul.

  4. November 2, 2011 8:54 pm

    I miss that sweet little face. She was such a sweetheart, I am so grateful that Pansy has Sable.

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