Happy Christmastime!

Our new Donkey House should be finished in the next few days (maybe even by tomorrow!)  It is the first thing seen as one approaches the barnyard, and fittingly so.  As I write, the siding is being put into place.  Hurrah!

Christmastime can be so special and we hope that yours is just like that.  May it be peaceful and filled with the beauty of the natural world.  All the best, Sandra


Rising Like a Phoenix!

Our new Donkey House grows taller and more detailed each day and the sound of hammers is music to our ears.  All of a sudden, this  buidling is taking shape.  What a pleasure to witness!

The construction firm has told us that all should be finished by Decemberr 23rd.  The roof is being insulated today and tomorrow and the sides will soon be covered. Only a small amount of concrete left to pour (when it stops raining).  Kim is posting photos on Facebook for everyone to enjoy.

As many of you are aware, constructing/renovating anything is unbelievably stressful and three cheers to Kim for superior coordination of the trades.  The donkeys, I know, will be very pleased.

Sandra Pady, Exec. Direc.