Happy Christmastime!

Our new Donkey House should be finished in the next few days (maybe even by tomorrow!)  It is the first thing seen as one approaches the barnyard, and fittingly so.  As I write, the siding is being put into place.  Hurrah!

Christmastime can be so special and we hope that yours is just like that.  May it be peaceful and filled with the beauty of the natural world.  All the best, Sandra

3 thoughts on “Happy Christmastime!”

  1. We were there yesterday, and the barn construction was an awesome sight….my husband was dying to have a closer look at the construction…I reminded him we were there to see the donkeys!!!! Of course he knew that…how wonderful….as I said to your caregivers, if a visitor is this excited, we can only imagine how you and the team must be feeling. What a gift for the donkeys! Looking forward to seeing the Barn in action on your next Open Day…meanwhile so very happy for the Sanctuary and the very special inhabitants donkey and human….Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2012….”The air is full of braying”!

  2. Merry Christmas to all the donkeys and their caregivers. The Donkey Sanctuary is a wonderful place that has given me much joy this year and I look forward to my first visit in the spring. If you see Hummer, tell him thanks for the good times we had this month when he put his massive head on my shoulder. I’ll never forget that, it was awesome! And say hello to Sable, Sam, Luna and every one else who has made me feel welcome and at home!

  3. Hello Sandra
    Thanks for the update. What a wonderful Christmas present for the donkeys to have a brand new house. Don’t they deserve that!
    Merry Christmas to you, the staff and the donkeys one and all.
    Nancy Schwarz

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