Our New Donkey Barn

Several more weeks than we had anticipated  have been required to complete our new Donkey Barn but, at last, we are there.  As I write, the gravel trucks are bringing in the final loads for the network of lanes around the barn and, on Sunday, at 11, we are giving tours to staff and volunteers.  The official opening will take place in the Spring.

The support that we have received for this building has been extraordinary.  Our supporters have given so generously to help with the costs of the building and we are grateful for each and every gift.  To date, $151,000 has been raised towards a budget of $175,000.  It is an incredible achievement for our modest organization. 

The new barn is bright, has excellent ventilation,  and we will be able to configure its layout in several ways, according to the needs of the animals.  The interior has a soft glow of light from the rows of windows on all sides and the insulated roof will help to keep things warmer in winter and cooler in summer.   Our Spring News will be filled with photos and, for now, there are many up on our Facebook page.   All of the people whose efforts and generosity have combined to make this happen have every reason to be proud!

Sandra Pady, Executive Director

Sandra Pady, Executive Director


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