SOLO – Rest In Peace

Solo, the donkey, died today. He was 25 years old. Over the past two years his health  was problematical and time spent at  the Ontario Veterinary College for treatment did not provide any answers.   The immediate cause of death  appears to have been gastrointestinal.  A necropsy will be done on the body.

As some  are aware, Solo and his father, TicTac, came into our lives in 1992 when Virginia Buchanan-Smith and I went to pick them up from their home farm in Quebec’s Gaspe area.  More than any other donkey at the DSC, Solo alternately charmed and aggravated staff, volunteers and visitors alike.  He was unique and always he will  represent for me our early years of operation when we stumbled often  through our days, learning new things  all the while about the subtleties that are ‘donkey’.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share some time with him on this earth………….. Bonjour, beau ga’. Tu est magnifique.

Sandra Pady, Executive Director


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