LEGACY GIVING – It is for all of us.

When we make a Will, we exercise control over our estates.  At that time, we decide how  and where our money and possessions will go.  Traditionnally, an estate was divided completely amongst family and friends, but in recent years more and more people have come to realize that their Wills may be the one time in their lives when they can make a significant  donation to causes that are dear to them.    

Nowadays, the costs of raising a family and then of retirement very often leave little cash to spare.  However, if we are fortunate to have property, or money invested, then, in addition to family and friends,  we can make provision, by way of a legacy, for a donation to a charity or charities that we admire.

If you are thinking of the future and the making of a Will which would include a bequest to help the animals and their future welfare, then please contact us and we will forward a copy of our new Legacy Giving Booklet.  519-836-1697 or info@thedonkeysanctuary.ca .  Ensuring  the future is one of the most important things that we can do right now.

Sandra Pady, Executive Director

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