Yesterday, during a visit to the new donkey house, I was reminded that in the course of my work, I spend too much time at my desk and too few moments with the animals in whose cause I labour.

All of the donkeys happened to be inside.  When I entered, the impact of their calmness caressed my face like a gentle touch.    They were munching away on their hay, with heads down, making small movements as they browsed around.  Although the sky was overcast, the light through the windows was mellow, soft.

I stood still and Uma approached.  Her coat has always been like a sable’s fur.  I patted her as she nuzzled into my side.  On my left, Apache was standing in a doze.  My goodness but her weight management program has been a success!

It was cold outside, probably around -1 degree, but inside the warmth from the animals’ bodies filled the space.  I closed my eyes to appreciate more the smell of the hair, the dampness on some of the donkeys’ coats.

Once again, the zen-like environment that can be created by a herd of donkeys –  just being donkeys – was felt.

Sandra Pady, Executive Director

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