PENNIES – Bring Them On!

In late September the Canadian Mint will cease production of the hallowed penny.  This coin is so much a part of our history but it has become too expensive to manufacture.  It is estimated that Canadians have in excess of 5BILLION dollars worth of pennies in their cupboards, bottles, pockets  and drawers.

At the DSC we would like to relieve you of this soon – to -be – worthless burden and so every time that you visit us we hope that you will drop your pennies into the clearly marked, enormous container.  We will save our pennies all summer long and then count them up in October after our Open Days end for the season.   Please help us to raise much-needed funds by donating your pennies to help the donkeys and mules.  Thank you!

Sandra Pady, Executive Director



It is often stated that there was significance in the fact that Jesus would ride on a donkey when He went into Jerusalem.  In particular, that such a humble creature would be chosen by such an extraordinary person.

I like to think that, as in everything else, Jesus knew exactly what he was doing when he made the decision.  Jesus was all about peacefulness and modesty.  To him, walking quietly in the world was the only way to travel and there is a serenity about the gait of a donkey, and a determination. 

Yes, indeed, Jesus knew exactly what he was doing.

Sandra Pady Executive Director