There is quite a feeling of excitement in the air around the DSC, currently, because Open Days resume this Sunday.  The cyclical nature of our year means that, as Spring gathers steam, we anticipate always  the return of our visitors.

During the winter months, we relish the company of the donkeys and the quietude of their everyday world.  Then, with the arrival of May, it is time to open our space once again to the thousands of visitors who will come up the lane.  The donkeys sense this change, I believe, as they opt to spend most of their time outside, now,  either in the sunshine or rolling in the mud.  (White donkeys?  Are there any?!)

With regard to the preparations required for all of these visitors, there has been a great change over the years.  I remember, in times long gone, when the calendar would turn to May and we would nonchalantly hang the Open sign on the gate.  Now, on the other hand, for 6 weeks staff and volunteers have been prepping the site.  Our new Welcome Centre is in place and decorated, as is the Learning Centre, and there are new gravel paths everywhere. Training sessions have been held for our greeters, made up of both volunteers and staff. 

 And when everything is in place, we will know we have succeeded once  the comment is heard,  “It is so peaceful and quiet around here.  The Farm is a magical place.”

Open Days: Wednesdays and Sundays, 10 am to 4 pm, early May to late October.  We look forward to your visit!

Sandra Pady, Executive Director


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