Every evening, someone on staff makes a circuit of the barns and paddocks, just to ensure that all is well in the donkeys’ nighttime  world.  Although, on the coldest winter nights, night check can be somewhat onerous, on the vast majority of evenings,  it is a beautiful way to end the day. 

 Last night, as I walked past the Garden Paddock  Saucy, Ginger  and Juno raised their heads from their piles of hay and  mumbled a greeting.  Then  into the old barn, where Tibet and Juliet were in their stalls while Pansy, Sable, Jacques, Summer and Juanita stood in the barnyard, illuminated by the light of the moon.  After that, it was up the hill to the Donkey House where most of the herd were dozing inside on their bed of straw. The rest were in the fields grazing contentedly.  

In no time at all I  was wandering back to the house, feeling noticeably more calm than when I had started out.  Goodnight, Moon.

Sandra Pady, Executive Director

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