The DSC – One Person’s Imagining

Recently, the DSC was the subject of various comments on .  The conversation was among those who had visited and those who would like to visit the Sanctuary Farm.  Many had never heard of our work and they were intrigued.  We enjoyed especially  the comment below:

Without clicking the link, I envision a donkey, in the dead of night, pounding on the door with it’s hoof, out of breath. Whistles sound up the street, and beating footsteps approach out of the foggy night. The door opens, the donkey collapsing inside, into the arms of an old man in a black robe, and the donkey brays out, “I claim sanctuary,” before passing out.

Outside, the glue factory goons curse, but know they must honor the age-old treaty and cannot violate the sanctuary.”

Sandra Pady, Executive Director


One thought on “The DSC – One Person’s Imagining”

  1. Funny – and sad, because it isn’t that far from the truth. The important part is that sanctuary is there, for some of our fellow creatures in need. Keep up the good work!

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