DONKEY DAY – What a grand event!

Our 19th annual Donkey Day was so much fun and a great success.  We could not have asked for better weather and our visitors poured onto the site: 2420 people came through the gate and there were smiles all around from younger and older alike.

Our ‘mingling’ donkeys, who circulated with volunteers in shifts,  were beseiged with pats and hugs: by 2 pm these wonderful ambassadors were determined to go back to ‘their’ side of the barn and rest.  Other donkeys had been spread amongst several paddocks and they  were content all day to hang over the fences and be praised.   Families picniced on the lawns, children played game after game and did bounce after bounce, and then hurried to the main tent and the upper barn just in time to be entertained by our exceptional talent.

125 volunteers made this all happen and special thanks go out to Ruth Gillespie, our amazing Donkey Day Coordinator.  Thanks to her careful, far-sighted planning,  we all had a great time working on behalf of our animal friends.  Thank you one and all.

Sandra Pady, Executive Director

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