This is the last blog entry that I will make  as  Executive Director of the DSC.  On Monday next my successor, Katharin Harkins, will move into this position and I will henceforth put my name over the title, ‘Founder’. 

For three months we will ‘transition’ and  in the process, I will be eased out of the of my day to day responsibilities.  Of course, the thought of all of this  brings with it  a healthy degree of anxiety: for 20 years the many dimensions of the organization have taken up the vast majority of my waking hours.   This will soon change. 

 On the other hand, when I consider ‘transition’ I anticipate  the many, many positive developments that will obtain at the DSC  under Katharin’s leadership.  Her  extensive communications and management experience will serve her well as she steers the organization in exciting directions.  Additionally, she brings to her work a deep,  lifelong commitment to the animals and to their welfare.  It is a good feeling to know that the operations of the Sanctuary will be in such capable hands.

So, this is not farewell but rather, please stay tuned. My commitment to the animals is as strong as ever and it will be interesting to consider their world and needs from this new, retiring perpective.

Sandra Pady, Executive Director


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