In decades gone by, in Southern Ontario we could expect 15 or so days every summer that were VERY hot.  Global warming is changing our expectations in that regard, however, and now  it is not uncommon for us to experience day after day of sweltering temperatures and humidity.

At times like this, I feel for urbanites: the intensity of asphalt heat can make an extremely hot day unbearable.  In contrast, for us here at the Sanctuary Farm, although the barnyard is like an oven there are enough other shaded places to  make life tolerable.  Added to that option is the example set by our donkey and mule friends.  Their movements are slower than usual, more fluid, and they stand still……….  Humans are like wired fleas in comparison.

In addition  to all of this stillness and sensible movement,  there are the mules, Terra and Reno, who thrive in the open areas of their paddocks.  Day after day, I have watched them in the afternoons, lying full out under the sun, looking for all the world, like two statues.  Every now and then, a head will be raised and a mild grunt can be heard. Oh well, their donkey ancestors roamed the mountainous deserts of Africa and the Middle East so I expect that these days  might seem  mild in comparison.

Summertime.  The donkeys and the mules are a constant reminder that “the livin” is easy.”  Or, at least, it should be.

Sandra Pady, Founder


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