Bernie’s and Polly’s Amazing Trip

Bernie Harberts and his mule, Polly, came to Newfoundland in early June to get away from the heat and humidity of North Carolina in the summer.  They started at the top of the Northern Peninsula and they’re slowly making their way south. 

“Newfoundland has good grass, grass and fog is what I’ve heard, and so I thought I’ll come up here,” explained Harberts. “If I can travel 15-20 kilometres a day, I can get a pretty good feel of what the countryside is like up here.”

The duo already had one Canadian experience: four years ago they trekked for 13 months from Saskatchewan to Mexico.

So far on this trip Polly, the mule, has pulled Harberts in her two-wheeled cart from L’Anse aux Meadows to Plum Point.  They were attracted to Newfoundland by the weather, but they’ve been won over by the hospitality from the people they have met.  “We have literally had to eat our way through Newfoundland,” enthused Harberts.  “Polly is living off, aside from the great dandelions, lots of apples and carrots and, increasingly, potato chips.  Harberts has been feasting on canned moose meat, given to him by new friends he’s met along the way.

Harberts said he and Polly have no particular destination in mind.  They’re planning to spend the next couple of months in Newfoundland, following the road and the food at their own speed.

Sandra Pady, Founder

3 thoughts on “Bernie’s and Polly’s Amazing Trip”

  1. A remarkable journey for Bernie and Polly. But then again, they’re used to taking on challenges.

    My wife and I had the privilege of meeting them both and having them stay overnight in front of our Gaff Topsails cabin. Bernie was quite taken up with his walk on the tundra, trout fishing, and picking fresh bakeapples or cloud berries. Our English Setter, Willow, was equally taken up with Polly, one heck of a “big dog”!

    We took lots of pictures and hope to have a story published in and upcoming issue of Downhome Magazine.

    Last we heard from Bernie, they were just east of Bishop Falls and headed towards St. John’s. We wish them all the best. Hoping one day to meet up with them both again, somewhere, who knows where!

    Floyd and Betty Spracklin

    1. In two weeks I’ll be home for a holiday in Champneys East (13 kms from the town of Trinity). I’ll be paying attention for news of Bernie and Polly and hope to see them when I’m home so I can bring back pictures to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada.

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