CATHY’S TALE    This is a link to an intriguing article that appeared recently in “Psychology Today”.

In his essay, Hank Davis attends to the dire consequences that can result when communication breaks down due to misconceptions. By using the experiences of a donkey that was rescued from an abusive environment, the author brings into unique focus the ways that stereotyping can prompt violent behaviour, behaviour which is deemed justifiable at the time. By choosing to juxstapose the donkey’s name with that of a woman in an abusive relationship, Davis brings into vivid relief the very real damage that is done both to humans and to animals by these uninformed assumptions.

The stories we tell ourselves about other animals and other people can never be taken for granted since, too often, they are shaped by blinkered, negative generalities. It is always much more productive to consider the individual as being unique and worthy of our understanding.
Sandra Pady, Founder


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