An Antidote to the Busy-ness of Christmas

For the next many weeks, encouragements will blanket our senses from far and wide to shop, shop, shop.  The ‘Holiday Season” as it is called now can render one numb with its incessant exhortations.

In contrast, I would like to suggest a place where relief can be found from all of that, a place  where  quietude and peacefulness abound as well.

The Donkey Sanctuary Farm will be open on the first 4 Sundays in December (10 – 4).  With great pleasure, we invite you to come and enjoy a respite from the holiday noise.  Christmas and donkeys do go together so well and around here – ever so gently – one is reminded,  of the orignial reasons for this magnificent celebration.

We hope you will join us.  All the best, Sandra Pady, Founder



November in Canada encourages thoughtfulness. The light is filled with shimmering grey tones and, as one steps into the woods for a morning walk, the jagged bark lines on the trees stand in bold relief. Across the lane in an open field where the grass is trodden and losing its life, a single donkey walks along the path to the donkey house. As ever the animal’s movements are fluid, almost sinous in their grace.

The image remains long after this experience of ‘seeing’ and back in the house I turn to the prose of Juan Ramon Jimenez because I expect that he will express the magic of that moment so much better than I. And so he does,

“A cool mauve softness is a nimbus over all things. And in the country road that presages December,
the tender humility of the loaded donkey begins to seem, like the year that is past, almost divine.”  
Section CVII, Platero and I

Sandra Pady, Founder