“….The goodly sweet and continuall brayings, whereof they form a melodius and proportionable kind of musicke.  Nor thinke I that any of our immoderate Musicians can deny but that their song is full of exceeding pleasure to be heard: because therin is to be discerned both concord, discord, singing in the meane, the beginning to sing in large compasse, then following into a rich fall…to hear the musicke of five or six voyces changed to so many of Asses is amongst them to heare a song of world without end.”

                                                           From, The Noblenesse of the Ass,  16th Century

  EQUUS ASINUS (The Donkey) : The hoarseness of its voice, or bray, depends upon two small peculiar cavities situated at the bottom of the  larynx. 

                                 Baron Cuvier, The Animal Kingdom Arranged in Conformity with its Organisation, 1817         

Sandra Pady, Founder                 




Last September, when the decision was taken to create a new logo for The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, it was understood that the final design should reflect our operational values and assumptions. The Sanctuary is a modest organization but it is made up of staff, voluteers and contributors who are very hard-working, people who are committed deeply to the improvement of standards of welfare of donkeys and mules. We have respect for the creatures in our care. We recognize their inherent dignity.

Given all of this, you can appreciate the many exepectations in our minds when the logo project was given over to Liesje Doldersum, at Sprout Advertising and Design. At the same time we had every confidence that the final product would meet our expectations since Liesje has created many publications for us in the past and her work has managed always to encapsulate our Mission and Beliefs.

Last week, Liesje presented her artwork for the new logo. There were compliments all around at the results. We think that the restrained, even elegant, design proclaims loudly and clearly the affection and pride we feel for donkeys and mules. Implicit to its design is the conviction that these gentle equines deserve to be recognized and treated with care. We think that the logo sumarizes all that we are about.

So, without further ado, here it is, the new logo of The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada.


Thank you, Liesje,
Sandra Pady