Too much time has passed since I have contributed to this conversation.  Three weeks ago, David and I  moved out of the house at the DSC and we live now in a new house,  built on a 2 acre lot at  the north-east corner of the Sanctuary Farm.  As you may or may not know, the DSC purchased the farm in June, 2010.  In the interim, we  lived in the farmhouse as tenants. 

Of sorts, this recent move is the ending of an era  for us.  Although I retired last September, it seems so much more official now that we no  longer look out our sunroom windows at the hustle and bustle of Sanctuary life.  Instead, we gaze at a  marsh which sits in the middle of Velvet’s Woods near to the entrance to the farm property.  The intricate web of life in this acquatic world  is now  ours to discover.

In many ways, the DSC has become  a place that I ‘visit’  twice each day when I walk with my dogs.  Each time, we go down the lane and up the hill to the  approach to the farmhouse.  Then,  we veer into the parking lot and cut through the Welcome Centre to the farm lane where we enter and walk among the donkeys in the barnyard.  The serenity never fails to  wrap around us like an envelope.  After a few words exchanged with staff, who are busy  with chores, it is time to go back via  the farmhouse – where the offices are  located now – and deliver the mail.  Then it is onwards to the pond,  past Memorial Hill,  around Apple Tree Hill and  into the woods surrounding Wild Duck Marsh.  After that it is just a short walk along a trail  to our new home.

Of course, I realize that the donkeys are receiving the best of care in my stead,  and that fact is very reassuring.  Nevertheless,  in great part, “the wheel  turns now without me” when it comes to the day to day at the Sanctuary.  Katharin, Kim, Adam, Sarah, Kayla, Ruth, Martina, Terri: you are doing such a great job but I have to add that  watching from the outside is not nearly so fascinating or satisfying as being in the middle.

But it is time to turn to new projects, especially that book that I have been promising to write for years.  It will be greatly rewarding to go down memory lane and revisit the amazing donkeys, mules – and people – who have crowded my life since the early days of the DSC.  As for this blog, I will continue to write about Sanctuary affairs, albeit from the outside/in.

Sandra Pady, Founder

4 thoughts on “OUTSIDE/IN”

  1. Thank you Sandra. We miss you and Hugo and Merlin, too! And of course you are still a vital part of many aspects of Sanctuary life and happenings. I hope we continue to do you proud.

  2. So good to hear your voice Sandra! I am coming out on April 27th and can’t wait to see your house perched in the woods all cosy-like. I wish you every good fortune and look forward to an autographed edition of your book one day.

  3. I so enjoyed reading this blog, Sandra. You write so beautifully – I look forward to reading “the book”.
    Arthur and I wish you and David many years of happiness and good health in your new home.

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