DONKEY DAY – It’s Alot of Fun!!

I just counted up on my fingers – and had to do it twice.  This Sunday, June 9th,( 10 – 4)  we will host our 20th Donkey Day.  So many years of “afternoon fun in the country for people of all ages”, as we like to say.

Each year it is such a joy to wander around the site here at the DSC Farm and to share the experience with so many smiling individuals, younger and older alike.  The donkeys are always the stars, of course, and for the rest it is  an opportunity to relax and hang out in a peaceful, laid-back environment.  Displays, wonderful entertainment,  demonstrations and good food abound while in between there is a whole lot of time to just wander and slowwwwww down.

The peonies will be in bloom, the hay is growing nicely with all the rain we have been having and the lawns are blindingly green.

Of course, Donkey Day is our main fundraiser in the year.  Right now, we are providing a lifelong home to 61 donkeys and 9 mules.  Food, medical treatments, farrier treatments, housing costs, pasture and facility  maintenance…….the list is a long one and, like everything, it increases each year.

So, we hope you will gather friends and family and come to enjoy the donkeys and their world while helping with their costs of care.  Adults $10, Students (3-18) $5…….and, as one visitor said at a previous Donkey Day, even if it rains, we aren’t made of sugar.

Sandra Pady, Founder

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