SUMMERTIME – And the Living is Easy

        Yesterday evening, as I walked up the lane with my dogs, Merlin and Hugo, we happened upon a most wonderful scene. It was just in the hour before sunset and the sky was glowing. In the fields that stretched before me the geldings were running in wild abandon, seeming to float above the grasses. Every now and then, two would pause and rear up on their hind legs, only to gallop away, as if in a game of chase. This went on for several minutes and in the quiet, I could hear the tapping of their hooves on the soil as they raced back and forth.
         Suddenly Cargo, I think, decided that it was time to roll in the sand. He lurched to a stop at the top of an area where the grass has been worn away and he dropped on his side just before tumbling down the sandy slope. Then he stood up, gave a good shake to his body and commenced to gallop once more.
         Several moments later it became clear that Cargo’s actions had not gone unnoticed when two more donkeys paused to roll enthusiastically in the earth. This frolicing carried for a little longer and all the while I felt like a witness to a very private party, one where human beings would  not be  included.   Beautiful, beautiful.

Sandra Pady, Founder