The small farm in Southern Ontario was a testimony to neglect and the many animals confined in its boundaries were half-starved and dehydrated. A neigbour, a young woman, had long been concerned but she did not know what to do. Fortunately, she was made aware of the local humane society and its welfare inspector. She called to report the situation, under condition of anonymity, and within a short period the farm was inspected. In turn, the DSC was asked to help in the rescue.

One horse and one donkey had to be euthanized, their condition was so bad. There were also two jennets, one jack stallion and a 10 day old foal. The older donkeys’ hooves were appalingly long, twisted and bent out of shape. In one case, a dismal effort had been made to cut down the jack’s hooves with a hacksaw. Soon thereafter we brought thr four donkeys to the Sanctuary Farm.

In the weeks to come our animal care staff, veterianrian and farrier will work to turn the animals’ lives around. Recuperation will have to be careful and slow.

We are grateful that the DSC was able to help, able to provide a lifelong home to these creatures so very much in need. To all of our supporters, thank you for helping us to make this possible.

Sandra Pady, Founder


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