Today, it is snowing lightly in Southern Ontario and I find my thoughts turning to Christmas.  This time of year can be such a joy – and then, again, it often comes round in a package of tension:  so much money to spend, so many things to do, so many relationships.

Given all of that, we want you to know that here at the DSC we offer a unique alternative, an opportunity to rid yourself, even for a little while, of the pressures of the Season .  From great experience we know that donkeys and  Christmas go together very well and when combined, serve to remind us of the real pleasures that are at the heart of the celebration.  In consequence, it is with great pleasure each year that we schedule 4 special Open Days in December so that you might come along and share in the magic.  The lower barn is festooned with lights; Santa’s sleigh is a lovely spot for photos; the Long Ears Boutique is chockablock  with gift ideas;  and of course, the donkeys are waiting to see you, all dressed in their fluffy winter coats.

Their world – in contrast to the hustle and bustle and LOUD Christmas songs that are everywhere at this time of year – is ever so quiet.  Sounds of the munching of hay, the swishing of tails, and the occasional grunts of contentment: these  are about all that you will hear as you walk around the paddocks during a winter  visit to the Sanctuary.  The animals’ routine never changes and its constancy can be reassuring.  The complications of everyday human existence are very far away in this place.  Here, it is easy to look around and take a moment to acknowledge the wonder that is the message of Christmas.  

SUNDAYS, 10-4 (weather permitting), DECEMBER 1, 8, 15 and 22.  We look forward to seeing you.

Sandra Pady, Founder

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