SAUCY – Rest In Peace

The sun is shining brilliantly around here today and I wish  that Saucy could be  outside basking in the warm rays.  She has always looked so comfortable resting in that way.  That cannot be the case, however, because this dear little hinny was euthanized on Tuesday.  Her physical health  had deteriorated to the point that it was time for her to leave this world.

Saucy has been on my mind almost continuously this past week, since I was first told that she was in a state of decline.  You see, I shared life at the Sanctuary with Saucy for almost 20 years and in that time she never let me touch her.  Her fear of humans colored every moment of her life and, try as we did, she was never able to relax.  They say that a horse will in time forgive and forget, a donkey will forgive and not forget and a mule or hinny will never forgive and never forget.  Saucy was no exception.

She was born in 1988 and for some period in her six years  before being brought to the Sanctuary, Saucy was physically and psychologically abused.  For the rest of her life, the fear that resulted clouded every moment whenever she had to be in the company of humans.  Staff at the DSC were unfailingly patient and calm with her; I would often stand and watch as the lengthy process unfolded before she could be handled for any kind of farrier or veterinary treatment.   But all of this positive trying had little effect and each time she was approached it would be a matter of  starting all over again.  In her way, Saucy taught us that there are times when our compassion can have no limits.

I hope that Saucy is in a better place, now.  I want it to be one where there are rolling fields, lots of sunshine, plenty of water, trees for shelter and all in the company of equine companions.  For Saucy’s sake, human beings need not apply.

Sandra Pady, Founder

3 thoughts on “SAUCY – Rest In Peace”

  1. Lovely post but sad news. I think your final line says it all so well, and sadly this is the case for so many animals who are abused…human beings need not apply.

  2. God Bless Saucy and may she be kicking up her heels in joy in freedom of Spirit!

    And I want to thank all of you for being there for her. Your work, one life at a time, every day, is a blessing. If I am so grateful for you all, I can only guess at the peace you give these dear creatures.
    Thank you for them all.

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