Winter weather is definitely our preoccupation these days and after last week’s polar blast, we experienced a mild spell, a bit of rain and then: ICE.

I have grips attached to the bottom of my boots which make winter walks possible.  The dogs, of course, skitter along, always in balance, while I walk ever so carefully in spite of that boot assistance.  This morning, the area outside the offices was a veritable skating rink while the walk down to the barn offered a few melted patches as markers in the expanse of ice.

Although most of the oldies stay in the sheltered area where the floors are kept clean and skid free  Chaplin, Bob Ray and Juno were venturing along  as I approached.  With their  measured steps they were managing just fine.  Chaplin’s  eye is watering for some unknown reason and so staff have placed him with the oldies and special care group in the barnyard.  It is not a serious affliction and he does not appear to even notice it.  Staff  are watching closely nonetheless.

It has been over two years since Tibet’s flexor tendons flared up and she continues to wear surgical leg wraps for support.  Every day staff remove the wraps for a spell so that air can circulate in the areas on her legs.  Once the wraps are back on, though, she loves to go out and join the others.  Tibet is the daintiest of our donkeys and she looks for all the world like a ballet dancer as she picks her way over icy patches. 

Sarah related  that there was a melt in parts of the barnyard yesterday afternoon.  Pearl and Ruby took advantage of the break  to do some serious frolicking.  Pearl is just in her second year and Ruby is a foal. Consequently both are storehouses of energy just waiting to be released.

As I teeter-tottered back to the main laneway I could not help comparing myself to the animals around me.  With the aid of a walking stick and boot grips, I manage to just  make my way around the winter landscape.  They, on the other hand, can call upon resources so much more finely tuned than my own. At times like this I am reminded of  the limited range of human physical capacities.

Sandra Pady, Founder

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