Every year at this time, I am inclined to think about the future and when it comes to the DSC, of course the animals are the first concern. 

Most donkeys and mules can live into their thirties.  More than anything, we want them  to live out their lives in full , not ones that are cut short due to a lack of long term funding.

This concern for the future welfare of the animals has prompted many of our supporters to leave a bequest to the DSC in their Wills. ( This bequest can be a part of an original Will or as a Codicil to an existing one.)  There are many reasons for helping the Sanctuary in this way and I want to share some of them with you.

I have left a bequest to the DSC because:

“Most of us love animals but few have the knowledge, energy and determination to actually make a difference on a practical level.  The DSC has demonstrated a ‘hands on’ approach that has not only saved these beautiful creatures, but won our hearts.  I would like to see this continue.” Lawrence Segel, MD

“I am pleased with this decision to help creatures who all have their own individual personalities.  They ask nothing in return, suffer in silence and deserve our respect, care, love, and attention.  This gift gives some  purpose and happy outcome to my passage.” D.K.F.

“The DSC is much more than just an animal shelter.  Through its Humane Education program and its work with special needs people it is encouraging the respect and care for other species which is so important for human societies.  For all kinds of reasons: physical, spiritual and psychological, people need animals just as much as they need us.  We really are interdependent, and the work of the DSC is helping more of us to recognize it.”  Bennett

After you have remembered family and friends in your estate planning, please consider a bequest to help the animals. Upon request, we will send along our Guide to Legacy Giving.  Thank you.

Sandra Pady, Founder


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