This persistent winter is trying everyone’s patience.  For my part, daily morning walks with the dogs have become  more of a trudge  as we make our  way along  snowy, ice-riddled trails.  At times my Yaktrax boot grips are the only things between a healthy body and a broken hip.

The other morning, as a I muttered my way along, I looked up to see a line of donkeys (and human handlers) walking ever so gracefully down the lane towards us.  They were indeed a feast for my  eyes, picking their way (as donkeys do) along the ridges, concentrating intently on their footing, entirely focused and in the moment. 

The dogs skirted the line and I stood still, charmed by the sight.  Sophie turned in a circle to better keep her eyes on Hugo, one of the dogs, while Obewan let go a brief kick out as if to say, “Dogs should walk elsewhere.”  Franko, always a little tense, sped up a little while Sergeant meandered as calmly as could be.  The only sounds were those made by the crunching of hooves and boots and it was suddenly necessary to squint a little as the sun blasted yellow rays from the sky.

The encounter was a brief one, but it served to dispel my silly, morose thoughts and to remind me, instead and as always,  of the magic of the natural world.  Winter was not so tedious after all.

Sandra Pady, Founder

5 thoughts on “A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT”

  1. It is the same here in British Columbia Sandra; Winter came in November and it hasn’t left. Today it is snowing like crazy. I guess we just have to be happy with what we get. For me it is the fact that it is no longer -15′ while doing the morning chores. Shirley

  2. ZAK, our 32-year-old donkey was buried last October.
    How did he know that this winter would be so long & cold?
    We have not had a warm, sunny day since he died.

    1. It is so difficult to lose a companion like Zak but yes, indeed, he has missed a trying winter for his desert-like consitution. Today, the sun is shining and I hope that it is where you are too, in memory of Zak. Sandra

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