When I was introduced to someone the other day and he heard tell of the DSC, the man was moved to make a stupidly ironic ‘ass’ joke.    I was annoyed and offended by this choice of humour and  later in the day, I found solace through  a few moments spent with PLATERO AND I, the glorious prose poem written by Juan Ramon Jimenz.   In particular, in chapter LV:

“Poor donkey! So good, so noble and knowing as you are!  Ironically…Why?  Don’t you even deserve a serious description, you whose real description would be as a story of springtime?  Why, a man who is kind should be called an ass.  And a bad donkey should be called a man.  Ironicallly…Of you, so intellectual, friend of old men and children, of brook and butterfly, of the sun, of the dog, of the flower and the moon; patient, thoughtful, melancholy, and loving.  Marcus Aurelius of the meadows.

Platero, who no doubt understands, looks at me out of his great shining eyes of a soft hardness in which the sun is gleaming small and sparkling in a brief convex sky of blackish green.  Oh, if his huge, hairy, idyllic head could know that I do him justice, that I know better than those men…  that I am almost as good as he!”

Sandra Pady, Founder

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