VOLUNTEER WEEK – April 6 – 12, 2014

Simply stated, volunteer contributions of time and talent to the DSC  have been integral to its operating success over the years.

At every stage of our development, the volunteer commitment  has been significant and  as I look back over the decades,  it is clear that we could not have become what we are today without these generous individuals.  In the early years, when our learning curve was astoundingly steep and our resources were extremely limited, volunteers made all the difference.  As they are doing to this day, volunteers  pitched in to help with animal care, with haying, with farm maintenance – and always with an enthusaism and a deep concern for the animals’ welfare.

With regard to public relations and education, our Open Days have been been  characterized always  by the very real warmth of the welcome that we extend to our visitors.  Much of that is due to volunteer participation.  On any given afternoon they will answer hundreds of questions, relate story after story about the donkeys, guide wandering children back to their parents, and watching all the time that the donkeys are not being overly stressed by all of the attention.   Donkey Day, Pace for the Donkeys, Volunteer Days and administration: all benefit from the work of these caring supporters.  Indeed, in 2013 more that 4,300 hours were donated to the Sanctuary.

On behalf of the donkeys and on behalf of our staff who are assisted tremendously by the volunteers’ efforts, thank you.

Sandra Pady, Founder

PS: Our next Volunteer Days will be held on Saturday, May 3rd and Saturday, May 10th.  For further information please contact our volunteer coordinator: martina@thedonkeysanctuary.ca


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