When an east wind  blows I often find that there is extra momentum in the air.  It is not uncommon to see this reflected in the animals’ behaviour. 

This morning  as I approached the barnyard, the east wind ruffled all of the branches in the evergreens.  I looked over to see that  Hummer,  the mule, was running at a gallop from paddock to paddock, kicking his feet all the while. He would charge along, come to a skidding stop, turn and then gallop back.  Meanwhile Jimmy, the mule, sttod in the next paddock at full attention watching these shenanigans.  Then, suddenly, he was gripped by the same compulsion and Jimmy sprinted along  for a few moments, too. (That was a good sign that he is recovering well from last Fall’s tendon injury.)

 When the mules run around it is a striking sight.  As they float in the air the power of their muscles carries  them forward without any effort.  Best of all are those times glimpsed when they  run as a herd up and down the hill of their large pasture,  They hurl themselves during the first few steps and then the propulsion takes over to allow their bodies to relax a bit and sail along.  the drumming of their hooves in the background providing a stoccato beat. Hummer and Terra are often in the lead, with Reno a slightly lumbering third and finally Miss Jenny, Ginger and the Molly, the Miniatures. Always, there is someting about their balance and their coordination that is  fascinating and makes one envious.

As I returned home, with these images in my mind and the wind pushing against my face I felt a sense of gratitude.  Moments like these when I am afforded a glimpse of the power latent in these creatures are rare and something to savour.

Sandra Pady, Founder




2 thoughts on “RUNNING MULES”

  1. For 25 years we had a donkey and a pony who seemed to celebrate the changing seasons with the spirited running which you have described so well…
    The pony died 4 years ago, the donkey lived 3 years without her, but never ‘celebrated’ again…

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