The Donkeys are Waiting……..

On behalf of the donkeys, dear urbanites,  please do come to visit the Sanctuary Farm this summer.  Our Open Days have begun: Wednesdays and Sundays, 10-4, until the end of October.

If you have never visited us in the past then I suggest that you prepare yourself for a dreamy, low key experience: a time to  just hang about, breathe the fresh air, meditate on the views, stare at the animals.  All in all, we expect you to slooooooow down while you are with us and to take a little while to view the world through the donkeys’  eyes and ears.

It is quiet in their environment.  Lots of time will be spent just standing or sitting, just be-ing. You will not have to talk in this space, unless you want to do so.  The idea is that you will let your mind relax and, for a time, let it be free from all of its day to day concerns.

Do you care for a little walk?  There are paths to  Apple Tree Hill and Wild Duck Marsh, our interpretive trail.  Perhaps, on the way, you will stop a while  at  Memorial Hill.  There is a bench there with a marvelous view of the pond. 

Our Learning Centre is an informative place to visit as well: very low key and hands on, a reminder to leave room in your busy  life to consider the welfare of other creatures around you. 

So, we will look forward to your visit.  (You don’t have to call ahead, unless you are a group of 8 or more.) See you soon!

Sandra Pady, Founder


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