Sheila Burns started the Primrose Donkey Sanctuary 15 years ago in Roseneath, ON.  Primrose is not as large as the DSC but  Sheila is doing outstanding work on behalf of donkeys.  On site, she cares for  40 donkeys and over the years, she has placed  53  donkeys and mules in good homes.  At the same time, Sheila maintains contact with these caregivers who sign a contract of care.  If ever there is any concern or the family situation changes, then the donkeys come back to Primrose.  We admire Sheila’s work very much.

Several weeks ago, we received a call to the DSC from an elderly gentleman, recently diagnosed with cancer, who could no longer care for his two small Standard donkeys.  He asked if they could be taken into lifelong care but, unfortunately, we were at maximum capacity at that time.  Subsequently, though, we  placed a call to Primrose where they were able to provide assistance.  Initially, the donkeys were brought to our Sanctuary Farm where they were given a thorough physical examination, all necessary innoculations and farrier work.  Then, after a few weeks when we were certain that their health was good, we moved the donkeys to Primrose Sanctuary.  By this time, Sheila had found a good home for the donkeys and so they were moved soon thereafter to their new farm.

Working together is by far the most positive way to  help animals.  By combining our resources, the two Sanctuaries  were able to ensure continuing, good care for these donkeys and it is of great benefit  for each organization to be able to extend its reach in this manner.

Sandra Pady, Founder


3 thoughts on “WORKING TOGETHER”

  1. PrimRose is a wonderful donkey sanctuary and is a terrific place to visit. Sheila does amazing things on a shoestring budget. She certainly deserves a pat on the back for all she has done for the DSC over the years. Thanks Sandra for giving Sheila the recogniton she deserves.

  2. Great to get the good news of Sheila and Primrose. She is a miracle worker. What a wonderful partnership.

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