Tension Modification

This morning as I walked with the dogs, I realized that my mind  was bubbling with stressful thoughts. Fortunately, though, our route took us past one of the grazing paddocks and several donkeys were there, busily munching on spring grass. A few minutes with them did wonders for my mood; there was a  clear diminishment in tension levels. This little experience brought to mind a poem, Why Donkeys, that I read in the Newsletter of the First Donkey and Mule Club of BC. It is a pleasure to share it with you.


Adapted by Marguerite Townshend

When your day seems out of balance
and so many things go wrong,
when people fight around you
and the day drags on and on,
when parents act like children
and everything goes wonky,
go out into your pasture
and throw your arms around your donkey.
His gentle breath enfolds you
he watches with those eyes,
he doesn’t have a PhD
but he is oh so wise.
His head rests on your shoulder,
you hold him very tight,
he puts your world in balance
and makes it seem alright.
Your tears they soon stop flowing
the tension now has eased,
the stress has now been lifted
you are quietly at peace.
So when you need some respite
from the turmoil in your day.
the best therapy ever
is out there eating hay.

Sandra Pady, Founder


2 thoughts on “Tension Modification”

  1. Yup, Donkeys live in the here and now. Being with them can transport us from past sorrows and future worries to the place that really matters, Now.
    Lovely poem:)

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