I was sifting through our arhives the other day and was delighted to see that this year marks the 21st time that we will present Donkey Day.  Our fund-raising  ‘Afternoon in the Country’ has been enjoyed by tens of thousands of visitors during the period and, always, the donkeys and mules have been the stars of the event.  As ever, this year they will waiting to greet you, all looking sleek and shiny in their summer best.

Ruth Gillespie, who has so ably chaired the event for the past 6 years, has taken Donkey Day to new levels with regard to the variety and quality of the programming (and food!).  This year will be no exception and we look forward to another happy, family-oriented afternoon  with lots to do and  see for visitors of all ages.  It would be grand to have you join us. 


                                                      DONKEY DAY, SUNDAY JUNE 8TH, 10 AM – 4 PM

                                                      6981 PUSLINCH CONCESSION 4, RR #6 GUELPH

                                 TAKE HWY 401 EXIT #295 AND PROCEED TO THE SECOND ROAD

I will be at the reception table all day and it would be a pleasure to meet you, our readers.  Putting names to faces always means so much.

Sandra Pady, Founder


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