It is a hot, hazy, humid day at the Sanctuary and the donkeys and mules are in heaven.

The sun is shining brightly and a few moments ago when I was up at the farm, Riley’s Lodge pasture was dotted with donkeys, all concentrating  on the grazing at hand.  Their winter coats are almost all shed out, now, and so they are looking sleek and shiny as they amble around from one clump of grasses  to the next.  Their sinuous movements compelled me to slow down and just stand a while. 

Up at the Donkey House the mules were  relishing their summer quarters.  The south side of the building has a covered ‘porch’ that has been bedded with sand.  Hummer lay flat out as I wandered past and he barely opened an eye at the sound of my movements.  Terra was walking in from the field adjacent to this mule hostelry, moving at a snail’s pace, with her attention focussed on  the water trough. In another corner, Ginger was in the process of collapsing into a reclining pose.  She sleepily acknowledged my presence.

On days like this when the animals are models for relaxation, the atmosphere is downright soporific.  For the moment the hurly burly of human thoughts can be pushed away so that there is room to savour the sights  and sounds of the natural world.  This is an opportunity for  mindfulness at its best and it makes real  the words of the Lovingkindness Project:

                     May all beings be happy.
           May they be peaceful and at ease.
                        May they be well.
      May they be filled with lovingkindness.

Sandra Pady Founder



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