Donkeschoen 1Yesterday, we said goodbye to Donkeschoen, a donkey who meant a great deal to staff, volunteers and so many visitors.  Katharin Harkins, our Executive Director, sent out the following statment that expresses so well our feelings of sadness:

“Today we said good bye to a much-loved member of our equine family, our sweet pretty lady Donkeschoen, who had made her home here since 1997. She was 30.

Donkeschoen, for whom we were all very thankful, as her name suggests, was yet another of the large donkeys who has suffered from recurring laminitis which we had been able to treat in the past. Of late, the condition worsened and affected all 4 hooves, which is unusual. 

Like all donkeys, she was incredibly stoic but it became apparent that the pain medication, leg wraps and other approaches were not going to do any more good. She began to lie down and for the last few days chose to be in her stall. For our social Donks, this was not a good sign and our vet and staff made the decision to euthanize her and take her out of her pain. 

She was showered with extra special attention today, being brushed, given apple and carrot treats, and additional medicine. As always, the people here made sure she was tended to with such kindness and care. 

Everyone knew Donks, as she was a barnyard donkey who made it a point to attend all the donkey talks on Open Days, hanging her head over visitors on the benches, appearing to listen to people explaining all about donkeys, and serving as a perfect illustration of the gentle, calm, beautiful nature of donkeys. It will be quite hard to go into the barnyard and not see her big  beautiful head munching on grass or watch Earl Grey following her around with hope and adoration. 

We are lucky to have had her special presence here for so long and will miss her very much.”






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