In recent weeks we have admitted 5 donkeys for lifelong care here at The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada.

Fortunately, I am able to write that none of these animals has come from a situation of neglect or abuse but, rather, for various reasons they could no longer be given care.  Dylan (b. 2001) and Sydney (b. 1999) are siblings who have always lived together. Sabrina (b.1996) lived at a farm which was sold and the owners  then made plans to  move into town.

Regarding  Chico (b.1986) and Sadie (b. 1998), they had been living on a farm where it was intended that they should guard a flock of sheep.  This did not work out and so the request was made to the DSC that they be admitted. (More often than not, donkeys do not work out as guardians of flocks of sheep or herds of goats.  A donkey will bond with a single animal and will protect that animal from predators.  But donkeys do not bond with an entire flock.  If people are looking for guardians for their flocks or herds  we recommend strongly that they consider Great Pyrenees dogs or those of the Mareema breed.)

Our 5 new residents are settling in well, adjusting to the Sanctuary’s routine and to the fact that they are surrounded now by other creatures of their own kind.  For some of them, it will take some getting used to.  In the meantime, we are grateful to have been able to be here for these delightful donkeys.  When next you are in our area, on a Wednesday or Sunday, be sure to drop by and greet them.

Sandra Pady, Founder



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